November 30, 2015

How to prepare your home for winter?

1.)  Seal cracks in your sidewalks and pavement of your home.

In just a few weeks a small crack in your home can become a large fissure and be a potential hazard for pipes, cables and indoor appliances.  A concrete sealer can help greatly in this regard in order to protect your home from the cold and an expensive winter.

2.)  One of the most important things we tell all our clients is to check your roof.  Loose shingles and debris from the fall can lead to leaks and an unstable roof.   When that unexpected snowstorm rolls through it will be ten times as hard to clean up the roof and your roofing problems will only be exacerbated.

3.)  Check the insulation of the pipes in your home.  

A pipe that has burst is not something you want to fix in the middle of a cold winter.  Especially if it happens because of an electrical outage.  Stay informed on your plumber's hours and when he can do house calls during the winter.  A bursted pipe usually can be stopped but they will always happen by surprise.

4.)  Prune everything near your house

This should go without saying but every year there are multiple injuries attributed to branches and trees breaking and falling on home owners walking under trees that are carrying too much snow in their branches.

5..)  Lastly check your snow removal services and how they operate.  Last thing you need is to be stuck in your house after a snow storm and have no idea were to begin in the cleanup process.

Perhaps even consider scheduling a regular appointment with your local cleaning service.

November 25, 2015

Paris Climate Summit

We are really excited for the Paris climate summit!  The summit starts on the 30th which will bring over 200 countries together to talk about climate change.  The goals that they have set from the previous years are far too ambitious.  They seem far too optimistic on the progress the world has had in the past few years in terms of climate change.  I am interested to see how they will take this into account but also not back down on their demands.

We will let you know if there is a live stream.  As far as we know it will be broadcast on http://webtv.un.org/

Truthfully we have gotten really frustrated when we watched the past summits.  The amount of progress that actually occurs happens at a "slower than a snail's pace" and it is truthfully really frustrating to sit through.  Never the less, we are excited to see what happens this year!

Stay tuned for November 30.  It will go until December 11th.

We wish them all the best!

November 10, 2015


A question we were asked multiple times this past week was "what are a few good tips to prepare for retirement?"

Retirement is a huge issue, especially in the USA.  Retirement is also directly effected by your real estate plans.   Not only will you be living in a house of your own but your real estate can also be a good source of revenue if you do not have any other revenue streams.  It is very important to start thinking about retirement as soon as possible.

1.)  Our primary rule is understand investing for retirement.  This will keep your financial stream safe and flowing without too much future pain on your end.

Understand the proper timing of individual principles.

The most egregious and commonly made error illustrating this is the inordinate worship of cash flow regardless of timing. That doesn’t mean the investor doesn’t want all their properties to cash flow. It does mean that when retirement is a long time away, they don’t need inordinate cash flow, nor do they want to make it the primary goal. They clearly have more cash flow in life than they need, as they’re investing the huge surplus into real estate, for Heaven’s sake. Their need for maximum cash flow begins the day after they retire, and not before.

Investment strategies aren’t equal.

Buy ‘n hold forever, or never pay taxes when selling to improve your portfolio’s position, are two of the best ways I know to generate a disappointing retirement income. These strategies and many more are more or less based upon general formulas and beliefs that simply haven’t panned out in real life. I know, ‘cuz they were taught to me as if they’d been discovered on the third tablet Moses dropped on the way down the mountain.

Retiring on nothing but real estate income property is the best plan of action.

Geez, as a young whippersnapper I believed it too, so don’t feel like you’re alone in this. Real estate values and the income we love so much go up ‘n down no differently than any other investment vehicle. It’s foolish to think otherwise. Still, people would much rather live in your rental property than their Toyota, right?

Having more than one source of retirement income is crucial to bumpin’ up the real life security of retirement. Look, clearly I love investment real estate. But in the end, having multiple sources of retirement income brings with it the ability to weather tough times.

On a final note do not be afraid to hire a retirement expert.  Also do not be afraid to do this early on.  It will be better for you in the long term.

And again if you have any questions or any general comments please email us at info@highertidesrealty.com and we will be sure to write our answers and tips up on our blog.  Thank you to the people who have already sent us interesting comments and questions.  

November 8, 2015

Mhhhhhh, interesting article.


That is what we are saying.

We want to make our blog to be more of a question and answer space.  If you want to ask us a few questions about us or about real estate in general email us at info@highertidesrealty.com and we will be sure to write our answers and tips up on our blog.

And finally we will leave you with a quote.

"If not now, when?  If not us, who?

This is a quote we recreated from Robert F. Kennedy.  I think it fits us well.

October 20, 2015


Looking good guys!

October 10, 2015


We are really excited! Not because it is almost halloween but that our merchandise is in!  We have shirts/cups/pencils and socks.  We will upload images soon, so you can get a better look at all of the merchandise.

 Let us know if you want some!  Either pick it up in our office or we can mail it to you. 

Do not worry we have plenty of shirts to give out!  Lets get our name out there!

September 12, 2015

Conducting a Home Inspection

We put together a few pointers on how to conduct a good home inspection.  This list should help you figure out if you in fact need to do a rehab on your house.

1.)The electrical system

The electrical system consists of multiple parts.  Keep note that there are parts of the system on the inside and outside.  Make note if there are any frayed wires or they look old to you.  Do you have enough breakers to handle a modern load to your house?  Do you have two our three holes in your outlets?  Outlets with two holes make it harder to resell the house.

2.)Plumbing system

Many old pipes will simply disintegrate. Check as much as you can if your pipes are in fact still intact.  Poor pipes can lead to many other damage zones in your house.  Do you see or hear any leaks?  We suggest running the water from each appliance and then turning it off to listen to leaking water.  Look for mold or rotten wood.  THis is usually a definite sign of leaks.

3.) HVAC

Is the system operable and in place? Is it old and in need of replacement? Are the ducts in place? Turn the system on. Can you feel air coming out of all of the ducts? Is the air cool or warm as it should be? Replacing or installing a new HVAC system is not cheap. Smaller sizes can be $3,500 or more, with larger, five-ton systems costing over $6,000 for a complete install.

4.)  Basement

Take a walk down into the basement. Does it smell moldy? If so, there is likely a water problem. Take a flashlight and shine it all around. Look for evidence of water along the floor, and look at all the joists you can see. Do you see any mold or evidence of termites?

5.)  Floors

Look under that old carpet. Perhaps there are wonderful hardwood floors that simply need to be refinished. Will you need new tile in the kitchen or in other areas? What about carpet or perhaps installing hardwood? You will have a wide range of choices with floors. Do something nice that will stand the test of time in terms of both fashion and durability, and it will be hard to go wrong.

6.)  Door/Locks

Will you need security doors on the exterior? Are all the doors and knobs in place on the inside? What about the locks on the windows? Are they there? Are they painted over? These little things can be easy to miss, but can also add up quickly.

And now...A few notes about our progress.  

The office looks absolutely great!  Everything is going smoothly and as planned.

The landscape of the real estate industry is changing forever, both literally and figuratively. We hope to "catch the wave," as it were and help the public in the process. 

August 04, 2015

Hurricane Sandy

After loosing a tremendous amount in storm sandy and seeing what this storm did to our friends and families, emotionally, financially and physically, we decided to do something good with the increasing climate change issue.  


We decided to do what we do best and tackle the issue head on.

We have been working many months to work through the logistics of creating our own real estate company.  It has been an intense year but are proud of the work we have accomplished. 

We have been able to outsource experts in the particular fields on the climate change issue, from real estate brokers to climate scientists.

Get ready world!  We are really excited to see what we can do for you!

We would also like to thank all the support we have received from family and friends to get this going.

February 10, 2015

Our goal

Due to our politicians slow and unconvincing climate change policies there is now a market for climate change brokerage companies.  We feel as if we have uncovered an exciting new market.

In creating Higher Tides, our goal is to not only to help people move to safety but also make people aware of the disastrous effects of climate change and hopefully incite some action on the matter.  At Higher Tides Realty, we believe correct education on climate change to be our most important goal.

We have big plans for this world.  We are very excited about our future.

Looking back at the destruction from storm Sandy, this has been a long process but we are definitely proud for the work we have accomplished.



The Higher Tides Team


December 24, 2014

Anchorage anyone?

Check out a crazy article here!

Alaskans, stay in Alaska. People in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, sit tight.  It is going to be a bumpy next couple of decades.

I think we better move to Anchorage!  What do you think?   Please send us your  comments or questions to info@highertidesrealty.com.  We would love to chat!

December 15, 2014

We got to check out the 7th annual real estate expo!  Very insightful!  

We were surprised about the intense interest we received about climate change's effect on the real estate market!  We were especially interested in  everyone's concern about NYC culture and buildings being effected by climate change.  

It is amazing that NYC is bordered by water yet we have little to no access to use the water all around NYC.  We are completely detached from the little bit of nature that quietly thrives as background noise to our large city.

We are here to help everyone stay informed about the climate's worsening effect.  

We are really excited as to what lays ahead of us.

We would also like to note the amazing people we met at the event and projects presented.  People are doing great work out in the field.